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Dayana Coffler, DMD

I have been a dentist for almost 30 years, and enjoy the profession every day—it gets better with time. My experience and continued education have shaped my ability to tackle difficult clinical challenges, be creative, and strategize the best way to help my patients.

Education and Continuing Education 

I completed my dental education at the Tel Aviv University School of Dentistry in 1991. In 1999, our family relocated to San Diego for my husband’s Reproductive Endocrinology fellowship at UCSD. After 2 years of attending intense continuing dental classes, I received my California Dental License. 

In 2003, to take my skills to the next level of Hospital Dentistry, I completed a General Practice Residency program at MetroHealth Medical Center/Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, OH. I treated medically compromised patients, patients with disabilities, the geriatric population, and general anesthesia cases. Subsequently, I was recruited to join the department as a teaching faculty. This experience allowed me to better understand the mouth/body health connection while becoming a better professional.

In 2013, I completed an intensive implant MaxiCourse at Loma Linda University to be able to provide the newest implant care to our patients. 

The Practice 

After returning to San Diego, I opened my dental practice where I proudly serve the local community together with my loyal and dedicated team. My patients range from ages 2 to 103, and I adore them all. We are a family and cosmetic dental practice that provides advanced, personalized, and detail-oriented care. 


I grew up in a dental household—my grandparents, uncle, sister, cousins, and nieces are dentists. Many times I wonder if this passion for dentistry might have been transmitted genetically in our family...especially now that one of my four daughters has “contracted” it as well.

Speaking of my daughters, they were raised and educated in our community’s wonderful public schools and have gone on to pursue medicine, dentistry, and economics. As a family, we like to travel, cook, and entertain.

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